Along with celebrating teen literature, the North Texas Teen Book Festival strives to connect our vast reading community. We would like to have North Texas school districts and public library systems partner with us to make NTTBF the best festival possible.  How your organization can partner with NTTBF and get involved:

Orange Book Hi Res 2.png

PROMOTE- Help us get the word out and people to NTTBF!

  • Display banners, flyers, bookmarks and posters (partners agree to print and distribute flyers/bookmarks/posters to their community)

  • Participate in NTTBF social media campaigns. For example, we will have a countdown to NTTBF, and each organization will be assigned a day to post photos. More details and information about social media/photo campaigns forthcoming.

HELP RECRUIT VOLUNTEERS- We will need all hands on deck to bring NTTBF to life!

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Matchmakers

  • Signing Line Volunteers

  • Room Monitors

  • Greeters

For more information, visit the Volunteering site.

As a partner you will receive:

Pink Book Hi Res.png

SPECIAL NTTBF Packet, including:

  • Festival banner (6’X2’)

  • NTTBF Author removable book stickers to highlight books in your library-(perfect for those special NTTBF book displays)

  • Access to Hi Res files of the latest promotional materials such as flyers, posters, book mark, etc…

Recognition as a Partner:

Additionally we would like to recognize all partners on our website’s Partners page with logo and/or name.

Educator Newsletter:

Partners can also sign up for our Educator Newsletter email list which will provide the latest festival information and logistics (ex. where to park school buses, festival maps, schedules, author panel tickets, etc…)