Signing Line Guidelines

To expedite the Signing Line experience for all North Texas Teen Book Festival attendees, the following guidelines will be in place: 

  • The author signing will begin at 3:30 p.m.
  • No running in the signing area.
  • No posed photos at any time. Photos by permission only.
  • 3 books may be signed per author per trip in line. At any time NTTBF staff may limit lines to 2 books in order to expedite the signing.
  • 1 book must be purchased for every 2 brought from home. Keep your receipts available. (Speed Dating books are exempt)
  • No rolling carts or suitcases are allowed on the premises.
  • Some authors will require wristbands to enter their signing lines. Wristbands are limited and will be available at the Box Office. There is a limit of 1 ticket per person. There will be a 2 book limit with no personalization. NO EXCEPTIONS *
  • NTTBF staff may temporarily or permanently close signing lines at any time. While a line is closed, the immediate area must remain clear. 
  • NTTBF staff will have final say in all signing guidelines including number of books, personalization, and photos.
  • Failure to follow instructions by staff or volunteers will result in removal. 

* More information to follow. 

**Any and all guidelines are subject to change without notice.