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Chris Crutcher

Chris Crutcher

AUTHOR OF Losers Bracket, Period 8, Angry Management, Deadline, The Sledding Hill, Whale Talk, King of the Mild Frontier, The Secrets of Sarah Byrnes, Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes, the Stotan series, Athletic Shorts, Chinese Handcuffs, The Crazy Horse Electric Game and Running Loose

Bio: Chris Crutcher grew up in Cascade, Idaho, and now lives in Spokane, Washington. Drawing on his experience as an athlete, teacher, family therapist, and child protection specialist, he unflinchingly writes about real and often-ignored issues that face teenagers today. Chris has received a number of coveted awards, from his high school designation as “Most Likely to Plagiarize” to the American Library Association’s Margaret A. Edwards Lifetime Achievement Award. His favorites are his two Intellectual Freedom awards, one from the National Council for Teachers of English and the other from the National Coalition Against Censorship. Crutcher still works as a therapist and child protection advocate. In his personal life, Crutcher enjoys running, swimming, music and basketball. He lectures 30 to 40 times a year at schools, universities and conferences across the country and around the world.  He has contributed articles to Voices from the Middle, Family Energy Magazine, The Signal Journal and Spokane Magazine.

Chris' Twitter: @ChrisCrutcher
Teacher's Guides: Teaching and Reading Guides for Chris Crutcher
Awards and Honors: TAYSHAS Reading List 2008-2009 (Deadline), TAYSHAS Reading List 2004-2005 (King of the Mild Frontier), TAYSHAS Reading List 2002-2003 (Whale Talk), TAYSHAS Reading List 1996-1997 (Ironman), TAYSHAS Reading List 1996-1997 (Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes)

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